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Established in 1990 in response to home owner requests for custom closet systems, Organized Space quickly established itself as a leader in delivering beautiful systems of the highest quality. Using the best materials, highly skilled craftsmen, immaculate installers, and creative designers, we have pioneered the art and science of efficient closet and cabinet organizing systems.

Many people at first assume that putting a closet system in place is not much of a project. Take some measurements, sketch out a drawing with the measured lengths, go buy the components at the local hardware store, add coffee and stir. Nothing to it Right?

Nothing to it if you're happy with a paltry 50% improvement.

Imagine the skill and talent we have after doing thousands of closets. Imagine what we've learned about maximizing useable space over tens of thousands of hours of projects. Imagine what our design team knows about all the different shapes of closets, the different uses each type needs to fulfill. the different constraints of each type and how to work around them. Imagine the workmanship of our installers after doing closets full time for more than a dozen years!

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